Our commitment

I) Manufacturing, scientifically validated, post rigorous R&D, patent-protected, complete plant-based organic fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides to protect the crops on the agricultural fields and improve and enhance the shelf life of harvested agricultural products during storage.

II) Cultivating pure natural, chemical-free, wide variety of nutritious, aromatic, and tasty ready-to-eat microgreen variety which suits Indian food habit.


To strengthen and expand organic agricultural practices and products in better quality and quantity without any hazardous residue onto them so the rural and urban lives be benefitted socially, economically, and environmentally.



I) To reach the farmers by providing integrated natural pest management for the enhancement of organic farming.

II) To reach every doorstep by providing fresh, exotic, rich in multi-vitamin, immuno booster microgreens to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Anu Sharma Bandamaravuri
Founder and CEO

I have completed my Ph.D. in Biotechnology and have six years of Postdoctoral research experience in plant, microbes, and agricultural fields in various prestigious institutes of esteemed organizations such as ICAR, CSIR, DST and ICMR. My research works were acknowledged and published in various reputed journals and patents also filed. After spending more than a decade in the agricultural biotechnology research field, and being the daughter of a farmer, I always feel that my research and experience should reach lab to field, knowledge to implementation, innovation to production, and impact factor to impact on the lives of our true God-human... our Farmers.

I promise to our land, our farmers, and our nation that we will grow together, grow organic, grow pure and change lives in a positive light.